Monday, August 22, 2011

Juan Manuel Mata

Well Chelsea and Valencia have agreed on the transfer of Mata, a creative Winger that we are in need of.
He came for a pretty reasonable price even at the expense of Assrnal (i just feel sorry for Wenger now).
but back to Mata, the puns are already working their way into chants! and if David Silva is any indication
then he is looking to be quite the asset for chelsea. I do admit watching the games against Stoke and West Brom we have lacked the creative spark and twitch. with Lamps Looking real Slow and Ramires still trying to figure it out. we kept driving up the middle and lacked the ability to come up any new attacking Tactics, so hopefully its only a MATA of time before that changes ( i had to go for that!).  I could fuss us already dropping points unlike MC or MU, but the season just begun and if last season is to be followed, we started thunderously but finished limping. everyone has written us title contention, but come next May we will see.
Plus With Spurs receiving a Trashing today and us upping our offer to 30 mil for Luka, they finally budge and sell us our man.
maybe he is on his way to the Bridge already!



Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Modric Dilema

First I had to share this Hilarious Transfer Request by Luka Modric. I found it some website and it made my day!
Any Chelsea fan will know the shannanigans going on
Chiken Badge? Circus Man? ( I am not keen on laughing about appreances, but I am assumng thats Crouch) So Funny!
Well Modric's possible transfer  has become murkier, with Spurs rejecting an improved 27 Million bid.
Wow, and now I am hearing that the amount will be taken up to 30 million and some players possibly Mikel , Sturridge. Really is Modric worth that much? Now I like him and he is talented, but I feel like we are putting all of our eggs in one basket.  it seems like all our transfers are hinging on this one deal, which is not at all a good idea.
The Spurs are adamant about him not leaving, he's off to South africa for Pre-season, and has put in a transfer request. everything just seems so messy.
What about Pastore? whats going on with our talks with him?  the season starts in about a month, and things still seem a little disorganized. Are we offloading some players or are we not? still remains to be seen I guess.
I trust AVB with this Modric Situation and hope it comes out for the benefit of our club!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Didier Drogba Should Remain a Blue...

 There's a lot that can and has been said of one of Chelsea best strikers ever. When he joined the Club in 2004, we knew we were getting a great striker, but we didn't know how great. he showed what he could do and soon joined Terry and Lampard as a face of the club. He no undoubtedly is a Stamford Bridge legend and one of, if not my favorite footballers.
This summer there's been lots of talks of double D leaving the bridge, calls for new manager Villas-Boas to send him on his way, to places like Tottenham, Galatasaray and even his former home Marseille. While most of this talk has been based on his age, which is understandable, we can't just forget his skills, strength and passion that has numerous times been quite the weapon for the club.
My previous entry was my thoughts on the summer transfer talks and speculation of Chelsea.  I deferred my thoughts on DD because I was still thinking about it. Then I realized for me there was no thinking, Didieer Drogba should remain a blue...
  • He has to remain a blue, because he still terrifies defenders with his ball movement and physical strength, Period.
  • He has to remain a blue because Didier Drogba will always Score goals, somehow, somewhere, just ask Arsenal.
  • He has to remain a blue because each time he is on the field I know we have a chance of winning, is it crucial goals in FA cups? or Great goal scoring in the league leading to the League cup? ( He was there and played a huge part  for 3 of the club's 4 Premier League trophies!) he absolutely helped push the club to its current new heights.
  • He has to remain a blue because he is a leader in the team and the new players will benefit from him.
  • He has to remain a blue because he embodies the confidence, swagger, brash attitude and culture that is Chelsea Football club and never apologizes about it.
  • He has to remain a blue because he is still one of the best strikers at 33.
  • He has to remain a blue, because I feel domestic and European Glory is ours this season, and I sure wanna see him lift that trophy with a blue, number 11 jersey on.
  • He should remain a blue because the fans love him and want him at the club.
  • He has to remain a blue because  well its Didier Drogba and if Terry and Lampard are staying put so should Drogba.
  • He should remain a blue because I still wanna hear commentators go  "and its Drogbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...."